Our company, which is a member of the EKINLER Group, continues its activities with 50 professional employees, machines and equipments with the latest technology in cable production, in a 2.500 m2 closed area. In our company, there are production lines for PVC cables, PVC makaron, silicon cable, solar (photovoltaic) cable production as well as hot tinned wire, PVC grain and silicon clay.

Within our company; PVC based installation and energy cables, low voltage cables, remote (control) cables, data and computer cables, cables used in automotive industry, silicon cables, solar (photovoltaic) cables, special termoplastic compound isolated and covered cables, halogenless cables, special cables suitable to UL standards and PVC makarons is being produced.

Ekinler-Eurosol Energy was established in 2014 as a joint venture between Eurosol and Ekinler Group.
Eurosol is a leading EPC company in Europe established in 1994 for solar systems and operates as a supplier of EPC and leading brands in 8 different countries of the world.

Ekinler Alternative Energy has been operating as a member of the Ekinler GROUP and started its activities in the energy field in Turkey in 2008. Ekinler Alternatif Energy has developed itself in the field of photovoltaic technology in terms of technical and information, and has been in activities to direct the market. Ekinler Alternatif Energy is one of the founding members of Gensed and also contributed to the formation of the National Photovoltaic Roadmap. In addition, with its group companies, has realized the first solar cables and solar junction box manufacturing in Turkey.

BASCO is operating in building automation systems, and a member of Ekinler Group which has 32 years of experience in manufacturing electromechanical components.

Operating in three locations which are head office in Istanbul Maslak, R&D office and logictics warehouse in Istanbul Ikıtelli OSB and production facility and logictics warehouse in Manisa OSB.